Brand Builders Academy Review – Turn $5 Into $500?

What can toy buy with 5 bucks these days? A coffee, fast-food burger, candy-bar or a your own online brand. That’s right Brand Builders Academy helps you build and online super brand with just $5 a day.

Creator: Kenny Stevens  & Ricky Mataka
Cost: $37 but going up soon.
Official Site:

Building A Brand With Facebook?

brand-building-academtTo be honest, I was never a big fan of FB ads or Facebook in general. Don’t get me wrong, it was good the first few years, or maybe even moths when it came out then it turned to another Google Adwords. Another PPC platform where only the big players make money as they can invest and lose on the fronted to make money later.

This is the sad truth about Facebook marketing and the little. Most of people like you and mean don’t several thousands to burn before we see any return. However, what if you do it smarter?

Brand Builders Academy: Kenny Stevens Way To

brand-builders-academyKenny Stevens knew he couldn’t compete with thousands of marketers going after the same people and interested as everyone else. He also knew he couldn’t just burn money on sending visitors directly to offers that might or might not convert.

Instead, engineered a process where he would extract he most value from every click and visitors he would get. So instead of building campaigns that targets millions of people and would cost hundreds of dollars he went for the $5 campaigns targeting hobbyist mindset.

This allowed him to engage with people that were or could be interested in what he was offering for a very low price. Kenny also didn’t simply send people straight to an offer, what worked 10 years ago but now is money sink, instead he build his audience with FB fan page and email.

This allowed him to scale his business, slowly bur surely, into doing $50,000 per day. It doesn’t get better than that.


Is Brand Builders Academy For You?

Now let me just make something clear. This is not some get rich quick sceme where you put in a $1 and get back $1000. Unfortunately for you, me and everyone those don’t exist.

However, if you take the time to go through the training and listen to what Kenny Stevens and Ricky Mataka tells you, you too can turn $5 into $500 daily and scale from there.

So grab your copy of Brand Builders Academy below and get started now.

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