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Find out how I stopped hating paid traffic with Video Traffic Siphon and love the clicks. The review below has it all.

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Paid Traffic = Money Well Spent or Wasted?

paid traffic vs freeI’ll be honest, I used to hate paid traffic or any form of advertising. I always thought free traffic was the only type worth getting. By free, I mean the type of traffic that after the initial investment or work you no longer have to pay for vistors.

So in the end, paid traffic gurus love to use this line, free traffic is not really free. However, from my own experience I always found that I still preferred free traffic because paid traffic always was:

  1. Expensive – quality clicks costs an arm and leg
  2. Cost constantly rises – it is hard to scale with paid traffic without spending a gazzilion dollars.

This was my general experience after purchasing dozens of courses based on paid traffic in the last few years. The quality and prices of the click ranged from crappy $0.01 clicks that didn’t convert to $2 clicks that were just too expensive, but one thing was constantly bad, my ROI.

If your return on investment is not worth it, why bother? Wasting $100 on ads to earn $50 is not a good business investment in my eyes. So why did I keep buying the courses?

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There are two things that paid traffic offers that no free traffic can:

  1. Clicks on demand – you can often get clicks in an hour or so
  2. Easy scalability – going from 100 too 10,000 clicks takes only tweaking

In one word the predictability of paid traffic kept me coming back. Because out of the free traffic methods I’ve tried none offer the two above. That is why I kept trying to find something out there that would work.

Meet: Video Traffic Siphon

videotrafficsiphon boxConsidering Ricky Mataka kept this underground finding it wasn’t easy. Video Traffic Siphon does something no other course I’ve tried ever managed to do successfully. That is:

  1. Way to get cheap traffic that converts
  2. Your cost-per-click actually lowers with time.

Now spending $100 bucks to get $300+ is my kind of ROI and that is easily achievable with Video Traffic Siphon at the start. I’m not even talking about the 1000% ROI case studies you will see inside the members area.

Another huge thing for me was is lowering the costs-per-click like I said before. In the old days you could get 300% ROI with Adwords and so on, but most marketers would only run a campaign for a day or two because it stopped being profitable after that.

This was problematic if you you wanted to scale up. It’s like all of the work and preparation was wasted and you still had to pay the same cost-per-click or even higher to scale. Video Traffic Siphon put an end to this.

With it’s ability to siphon targeted traffic from videos that are proven to get clicks and go viral you can actually lower your costs. This makes scaling up simple and effective without breaking your bank.

What Do You Get With VideoTrafficSiphon?

As you can see below from its members area it is not only Facebook you can find the information about videos. The cloud-based software (no download needed) also includes YouTube, Vimeo and DailyMotion as well.

video traffic siphon

It comes complete with training that direct and to the point as well as great support (if you have any issues) and FB group that is actually quite helpful.

So if you are like me and never really got into paid traffic this is the system that will change your mind. However, if you are into paid traffic and your ROI is not 100% or more you need to check this out right now.

Video Traffic Siphon is the answer to a more affordable and better converting traffic out there.

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